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The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. Thomas Edison

Here is what some real Neu Life patients are saying about us!

I will soon be 68 years young and have been coming to Neu Life since 1998.  I have had many success stories since coming to Neu Life.  When I first started coming my energy level was so low that I could hardly walk.  I just wanted to sleep. I had problems with my heart, liver, and other problems.  I have been treated with alternative methods for heart, liver, stomach disorders and other problems.  After treatments and supplements I felt like a new person.  My energy level went up and I can out walk some much younger than I am. Overall my health has improved. Now I m being treated for a blood disorder, but the most success I have had is coming to improve my health.  I will continue to come to Neu Life.  I tell everyone who is interested in their health about Neu Life.
Neu Life Member - Mrs. J
"I have been seeing Dr. Robinson since 1997.  She has made me aware of optional treatments I never learned from my medical doctors.  She has dealt with the causes of my illness (diabetes, pain in my knee, and back pains.  Dr. Robinson believes in treating the causes not the symptoms of your pain or your illness without medication.  Dr. Robinson has recommended supplements which helped my diabetes as well as my overall health with no side effects.  The pills prescribed by my physician would sometimes cause diarrhea. Dr. Robinson also educated me on the importance of spinal alignment and how it works with your overall health.  I had a misalignment causing one leg to be longer than the other after proper alignment they were the same length and my walking more in line than before.  Doctors never spoke to me about draining my organs or tapping as a means to better health.  No doctor defined how important certain foods are to good health or the ones we should avoid at all cost. Summing up my experience with Neu Life and Dr. Robinson, my health both physical and mental has improved more than it ever had while going to main stream physicians. I am now smarter and wiser about my health.  The Bible says in all of your getting get understanding and that is what I have!  Thanks Dr. Robinson
Neu Life Member - Mr. C
I was referred to Dr. Robinson (Neu Life) in early 2008.  I was experiencing annoying neck and back pain due to Lupus, severe nasal allergies, as well as some emotional issues. Dr. Robinson recommended that we address my allergies and emotional issues first.  We used tapping technique to help with my emotions and it worked.  Through tapping I have learned how to manage my emotional issues and how to deal with stressful situations.  I have also received several allergy treatments which helped to clear up my sinuses. I am no longer taking four to six Benadryl tablets to get through the day.  Discovering Neu Life has been a blessing.
Neu Life Member - Ms. T
My story is short.  I needed to pass the requirements for a CDL license.  My blood sugar readings were all over the map while taking pills.  After my initial 2-3 weeks of being on the blood sugar control regimen from Dr. Robinson my numbers that had been in the four hundreds, settled down to the one teens on a regular basis. I left Atlanta and went to New York to work for/with my son on a truck.  Every day my blood sugar numbers were routinely under 100.  Many times when working and not eating they sank to the 40s and 50s. No pills crossed my lips for blood sugar control for nearly 9 months until I got the big head, veered from the diet and had to resume having my blood sugar set again.  It was heavenly when no pills were needed.  I look forward again. "
Neu Life Member - Mr. J
Working three jobs which require a substantial amount of standing and lifting, back problems were inevitable for me.  In the morning I got up for my normal routine. I was feeling fine.  After completing a chore or two, I reached for something under my bathroom sink.  At that moment, I distinctly heard my back say, Get somewhere and sit down!  I replied, Huh?  My back reiterated what it said.  I had no choice but to adhere to its warning.  I could barely move.  Something as simple as putting socks on had to be planned and executed with precision. The next day, I couldn't wait for Neu Life Chiropractic to open.  I called with the emergency and was scheduled for an appointment.  After assessing my situation, Dr. Robinson issued my schedule of treatments which included muscle stimulation, adjustments, and balancing of the nervous system and a lot of soaking.  Now, four months later, I'm back to normal duties at work and a new perspective on health and how to maintain my body and specifically my back and neck. Thanks Dr. Robinson and Ms. Dot for wholistic therapy!
Neu Life Member - Mr. M
I have been a patient of Dr. Robinson's for about 10 years now, and the results have been amazing.  In high school, I struggled with stress related to academics, sports, and other extracurricular activities.  I could not seem to perform as well as I desired to in any of these areas. Dr. Robinson taught me the technique of tapping and because of that I finished high school with a 3.7 GPA and performed very well in my athletic endeavors. I am now a senior at the University of Tennessee and I have maintained a 4.0 GPA.  I tap as often as is necessary in order to eliminate any doubts that I have, not just concerning academics, but also in any other trying area of my life. My deepest and sincerest gratitude goes to Dr. Robinson for teaching me about this and other life changing information.
Neu Member - Ms. B
When I came to Dr. Robinson I had pain in my legs, pain in my back and pain in my hip.  Now I am pain free!  I had high cholesterol which is normal now. I am 72 years old and when other members of my family get to be my age they suffer with arthritic pain so bad that they can hardly walk.  Many of them walk with canes.  I thank God for Dr. Robinson.  I am healthy now.
Neu Life Member Mrs. O
My success story began when I met Dr. Dawn Robinson.  I remember it as though it were yesterday.  I had gone into Sevananda Health Food Store, as I normally do, and discovered that they were having a presentation with Dr. Robinson as the special guest presenter.  I was hesitant about going, but something told me to go and see what it was about. She talked and showed a brief video that showed several symptoms that I was experiencing.  I remember telling her I will be in your office on Monday morning.  I had suffered with so many different food allergies to the point I would literally be sitting up and fall asleep for no apparent reason.  I had very little energy, weight loss and didn't know what was going on. They say God has angels on earth and she is truly one.  With her willingness to share her knowledge, guide and tell me things that were beneficial to me, Dr. Robinson has helped me make wise choices and decisions over the years.  It's been a roller coaster ride, but I can truly say I'm not the same person that walked through her door.   I'm no longer sleepy, I have plenty of energy and my allergies are so much better, To God Be The Glory!
Neu Life Member - Mrs. P

 Several years ago I was simply devastated by the sudden death of my husband. My physical and mental state were at an all time low.  At that time my daughter brought me to see Dr. Robinson.

The good doctor immediately started me on tapping. The tapping not only taught me to meditate but to also understand many hidden feelings and emotions I did not realize I had. The fact that I am a woman past eighty years old, I did not think there was anything new to know about myself. She also showed me how this also affected my physical state of health.

I have suffered from Hypertension and arthritis for many years. Dr. Robinson put me on a proper diet, herbs, and flax oil to confront these problems. Then again some of these problems were caused by many happenings in my life in years past.

Because of Dr. Robinson I am living a better healthier and more meaningful life. I used to think of myself as an old person but not anymore. Dr. Robinson says that the body if properly cared for could live up to 120 years, so I guess by looking at these numbers I am still young.

Many thanks Dr. Robinson and I thank God for bringing people like you into my life and the lives of many others.

Neu Life Member - Mrs. S